Web-based Adult Content Server

Developer Resources

As an open source package, WACS provides a lot of opportunities for people to gain experience, add features and generally get involved in the development and enhancement of the system. If you've got an itch you'd like to scratch - a feature you've always wanted, a neat idea you want to play with, or just want to learn more about developing web/database integration software, why not join us in making WACS the very best it can be.

Web Developers

WACS has two main design objectives: to provide a neat and effective user interface to storing, organising and accessing an adult content collection; and to provide a framework on which to build adult web sites. The extensive work already done on the tools, documentation, database schemas, APIs (Application Programming Interface) and the like should give any such development project a massive starting advantage.

When using WACS, you get a choice of using either Perl or PHP as the language for developing your web applications. Details of the WACS API and how to develop web pages using it can be found in:

It is our hope that some people might choose to design some nice looking "Skins" for Wacs that can be shared with others. We've started a sample project called The Simple Skin and where we've got to so far is part of the Wacs-Php distribution. It's pretty much a complete template site as of release 0.8.6 and but we continue to improved it and we'd encourage people to give us hand improving it.

WACS Development

If you're not interested in the commercial side, or particularly fancy making your own good-looking site, you can always help us make WACS better still. As you can probably gather from the progress so far, and the various ideas visible in the database schemas and discussed in the futures section, we've got a lot more exciting plans for the upcoming releases. If you want to work on the code, please feel free to submit patches, code segments or even partially coded ideas. Similarly simple discussion of your ideas on the lists or by email are always welcomed.

Confidential Contact

For some strange reason, some people don't want to contribute visibly to a project like WACS; for those of you who might feel that way, there's a new email alias:
which goes straight to the developers and will be treated confidentially.
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