Wacs User Guide

Sixth Edition

for WACS 0.8.5

B "Beaky" King

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

16th March 2010

Revision History
Revision Sixth EditionFebruary 2010
  • New chapter on the new detailed page
  • Significant expansion of the Wacs-PHP simple skin section
Revision Fifth Edition28th August 2009
  • includes links to PinkMetallic.com
Revision Fourth Edition23rd March 2009
  • Added chapter on Wacs-Php skins
  • Updated all the older screen shots to current look
Revision Third EditionNovember 2008
  • Added information about Attire attributes and search facilities


WACS is a Web-based Adult Content Server environment built using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/Php) infrastructure. It provides the database, toolchest and API infrastructure to build a sophisticated indexed archive of adult material for either personal or commercial use. It is a Free Software/Open Source package released under the GNU Public License Version 3 (GPLv3) and supports use of Oracle in addition to MySQL.

This document outlines the standard collection browsing tools included within the standard WACS distribution from the point of view of the end user. While most of the user interface is pretty intuitive, this guide should help to highlight some of the features that might otherwise be missed. It should also be useful to people considering using WACS to give them an idea of WACS' significant features and abilities. A chapter is also included that describes the Simple Skin demonstration web site that is included with the Wacs-PHP package, an optional extension to WACS.

The WACS source code and other documentation and support tools can all be found at the WACS website at Sourceforge. Releases are also uploaded to the Launchpad site for additional resilience. There is a demonstration web site for WACS at PinkMetallic.com where you can see WACS in action and download the sample sets featured in this document - CAUTION: contains adult material. The main developers can be contacted at wacs@beaky.name - messages sent to this address will be treated as confidential. Any email addresses, names, URLs or other identification information will be removed before any publication of the contents on bug lists, feature requests, mailing lists etc. Commercial add-ons and support options can be purchased from Bevtec Communications Ltd, see their website at Bevtec Communications.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
About This Book
What's New In This Edition
Browser Compatibility
About The Examples
2. Logging In
Why Login?
How To Login
Session Exclusions
3. The WACS Main Menu, aka Front Page
Introduction to the WACS Front Page
New Stuff Highlights
Latest Search List
Featured Model
Model Attribute Icons
Other Models And Finder
4. Looking At Images And Videos
Introduction to the Set Page
The Set Page
The Set Index For Images
Set Information Page
The Set Page For Videos
5. The Model Page
Overview of the WACS Model Page
The Model Page Masthead
Model Page Images Section
Model Page Videos Section
The Miniature Thumbs Model Page
6. Dynamic Filtering
Model Page Menus
Alternatives Menu
Photographers Menu
Liasons Menu
Set Types Menu
Locations Menu
Attire Menu
Navigation Menu
7. Details Model Page
Identity Information
Detailed Video
8. Full Details Model Page
Identity Information
Detailed Set Info
About Set Ratings
Detailed Video
9. Where's The New Stuff
About New Stuff
Newly Added Models
Newly Added Sets
Newly Added Videos
10. Exploring The Galleries
Introduction to Galleries
Browsing Image Galleries
Looking At A Specific Gallery
Video Galleries
11. Searching With WACS
Introduction To WACS Searches
Finding Models With WACS
Finding Sets With WACS
Finding Videos With WACS
12. Using Saved Searches
Saved Searches: Finding And Viewing
Index Of Saved Searches
Set Based Saved Search Index
Model Based Saved Search Index
Saved Searches: Doing More
Set Based Saved Search Details
Editing Saved Searches
Model Based Saved Search Details
Other Uses For A Saved Search
13. Tour Of The Indices
Indices to Models
Alphabetic Index Of All Models
All Models: Detailed Verison
Indices to Sets
Condensed Image Index
Condensed Video Index
Other Indices
Photographers Index
The Connections System
14. Advanced Topics in WACS Usage
Improving Your Experience Through Preferences
Size Matters
Bandwidth AKA Access Speed
Command Line Features
Rungq - Command Line Viewer
Runmp - Command Line Movie Player
15. Wacs-PHP: The Simple Skin
What's this about
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Main Menu
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Latest Additions
Wacs-PHP Skin: Set Related Pages
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Image Section Summary
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Movies Section Summary
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Galleries List
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Gallery
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Photos Page
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Videos Page
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Model Related Pages
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Model Directory
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Girlie- The Model Page
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Search Page
Future Directions
Wacs-PHP and Web 2.0
16. Further Reading
Other Documents

List of Tables

1.1. Compatible Web Browsers
3.1. Pubic Hair Attribute Icons
3.2. Some Other Model Attribute Icons
5.1. Some Clothing Attribute Icons
5.2. Additional Link Icons
11.1. Location Attribute Icons
11.2. Action Attribute Icons
16.1. WACS Documentation