WACS and Web 2.0

There's a lot of buzz in the IT industry at the moment about dynamic content on the web - also known as Web 2.0. This is where the web page changes what it displays immediately with each selection that you make. So far we've not seen much application of the technology on adult web sites, but as we rather pride ourselves on having the capabilities of the very best, we decided to go ahead and prove we can do it with WACS. The modelsel.php application introduced in WACS 0.8.4 is the first example of this. This application simply displays various icons related to hair colour, length, breast size, pubic hair style and now in Wacs 0.8.6 we've added complexion, body type and other attributes to it. As you click on these, the page updates with a selection of headshots that match the specified criteria.

The modelsel.php application itself is fairly simplistic and it's use of the underlying AJAX architecture has been re-engineered in Wacs 0.8.6 to make more effecient use of the AJAX system. We think it's an interesting and ground breaking application and plan to do something similar for sets. We've also used it as a showcase of how realitively easy it is to integrate php-based applications into the main perl based Wacs infra-structure as it shares the look and feel of the perl based apps.

We do intend to expand on this theme in coming releases with similar dynamic search mechanisms for image sets and videos.