Chapter 9. WACS API: User Interface Module

Table of Contents

User Interface Module: Summary
User Interface Module: Reference

User Interface Module: Summary

Table 9.1. Function Summary: User Interface Module

describehertries to make a sensible sentance out of model data
whatshedoesdescribes the kind of sets this model appears in
addkeyiconsmakes a little HTML table with the attribute icons
addratingsmakes a little HTML table with the set ratings
iconlinkbuild a link around the icon for this set
addlinksadd standard top-of-the-page menus
alsofeaturingfind and list any other models featured in this set
addreliconsadds a small table containing icons from related sets
addconticonsadds icons from the continuation sets in a little box
read_menuread the XML menu files and create menu record structure
menu_get_defaultget the default link for the menu title
menu_get_titleget the menu title itself
menu_get_bodyget the body of the menu
menu_get_entryget a single entry from the menu
menu_get_handlerget the webapps name to handle a datatype
getrelatedget information on sets related to the set number given
getvideoextreturns the file name extension for the video format specified