Download: Defined Values

Table 16.1. dstatus: download status: defined values

UNot Yet Attempted
FFailed - Retry when possible
SSuccessful - set registered in database, available
PPending - downloaded, awaiting unpacking
AAborted - don't download for some reason
DDeferred - held back from being downloaded
RRelationship Entry - a second model for a set
LLiasion - a proto-Relationship Entry not yet linked
EError - not the right model, etc
IIn Progress - download currently in progress
XIncomplete - record of it's existance but too little info to download it

Table 16.2. dtype: download set type: defined values

IImage Set
VVideo Clip
AAudio File

Table 16.3. dsetflag: Suggested value for scatflag based on parsing result


Any valid value for scatflag from the sets table. This is a hint on the set type based upon the parsing process picking out keywords