Vendor: Defined Values

Table 19.1. vcurrent: vendor existance status: defined values

YYes - still an active site
NNo - no longer trading at that web address

Table 19.2. vshow: vendor index inclusion status: defined values


This option only really affects vendormode and vendor-based lists of models; if you don't use vendor mode, it's not likely to be relevant.

YYes - show in indices
NNo - hide from indices

Table 19.3. vmdiruse et al: vendor URL auto-usuability status: defined values

vmdiruse et al
fieldnamepage purposepossible values
vmdiruseModel DirectoryYlink is (auto)usable
vmpaguseModel PageNlink is not (auto)usable
vmbiouseModel BiographySlink usable only with session key
vmviduseModel's Videos Page  
vviduseVideo Set Page  
vimguseImage Set Page  
valtuseAlternate Image Set Page