Wacs Administration Guide

Seventh Edition

for WACS 0.9.2

This book contains an extensive tutorial in how to administer collections within the WACS system and includes a reference section that summarises the available tools.

B "Beaky" King

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

Friday 22nd April 2016

Revision History
Revision Seventh Edition22nd April 2016
<listitem>added new iconmanager and customisation chapters</listitem> <listitem>went through removing references to features introduced during the wacs 0.8.x release series.</listitem>
Revision Sixth Edition14th November 2012
  • added new hosting chapter
  • added new Utils reference chapter
Revision Fifth Edition19th March 2012
  • description of what rank is and related fields
  • guidance on using rank in placement manager
  • updates on new XML tools and preload files
Revision Fourth EditionJuly 2011
  • new screenshots for wacssetmgr and wacsinfomgr end pages
  • new wacsinfomgr details with new fields
  • new section on using wacsconnmgr to create connections
  • updated section on population commands


WACS is a tool for building Adult Web Sites; it is equally suitable for managing a private collection or building a commercial web site. It has many best of breed features including dynamic filtering, model catalogs, automatic download and powerful search engine. It comes with a powerful API (application programming interface) implemented in both Perl and PHP5 languages to allow web developers to leverage it's facilities from their own programs.

This book describes the administrative tools used to manage, catalogue and update collections of digital media (images, videos, etc) maintained within a WACS web site. It provides both a tutorial and a reference document for the various administration applications within the WACS system. The intended audience is WACS web site managers and support staff tasked with maintaining a collection within a WACS system. Some familiarity with using WACS as a normal user is expected, carefully reading the User Guide should suffice.

The WACS source code and other documentation and support tools can all be found at the WACS website at Sourceforge and at the WACS page on Launchpad . A demonstration site using WACS is available at PinkMetallic.com and can be visited for free at the time of writing - at some future point a small charge may be levied to cover costs. Commercial add-ons and support options can be purchased from Bevtec Communications Ltd, see their website at Bevtec Communications.

Table of Contents

I. WACS Administration Tutorial
1. Introduction
About This Book
About The Examples
2. First Steps
User Class
Authentication Mode
Changing Your Role (Leases)
Changing Your Role (Permanent)
Everything Looks Different
3. Site Design
Overview: Laying Out Your WACS Site
Simplistic Layout
Vendor Mode
Gallery Mode
4. Naming Sets In WACS
Goals In Naming Sets
How It Works
Keyword Scoring
Heavily Used Keywords
Multiple Sets: Duplicates, Alternatives and Continuations
About Rank
Set Relations
5. Preparing To Create A Model Record
Headshot Image Preparation
Making The Big Icon
Making The Small Icon
Icon Placement
Determining The Site Id
6. wacsmodelmgr - The Wacs Model Manager
Creating A New Model
Basic Attributes
Inserting Model Records
Amending Model Records
7. wacsunpackmgr - The Unpack Manager
About Unpacking
Working With Image Sets
Already Unpacked Warning
Working With Videos
8. wacsplacemgr - The Placement Manager
The Placement Process
9. Wacs Set Manager
Meta Data Manipulation
What You Can Edit
Doing An Update
10. The Info Manager
Managing Additional Information
Example Of Using wacsinfomgr
11. Other Web Based Tools
What's Available
Association Manager
Connections Manager
Keyword Manager
Vendor Manager
Photographer Manager
12. Migration Tools
About Migration
wacsexport - Exporting Model Details
wacsimport - Importing Model Details
wacsxmlout - Exporting Set Details
wacsxmlin - Importing Set Details
wacsselout - Exporting Selections
wacsselin - Importing Selections
13. When Using Wacs For Hosting
Self Referential Download Records
Creating Download Records
Content Caching Mechanisms
How The Caching Works
The More Complex Features Of Caching
Using wacsvidcomb to make compilations
A Few Final Words About Hosting
14. The Download System
The Changing Face Of Downloads
Components Of The Download System
Wacs Download manager
Configuring Automatic Download
Defining Sites
Using cron For Unattended Download
15. More About Model Manager
Additional features
Importing XML files in wacsmodelmgr
Identity Management Mode
Manually Adding An IDmap
The WACS ID Manager
Importing IDs From XML
16. The WACS Icon Manager
17. Command Line Tools
Data Manuipulation
The addmodel Command
The addassoc Command
The wacsdelset Command
Processing Applications
The wacsgenimg Command (formerly generate)
The wacsgenvid Command (formerly genvideo)
The wacsupdinfo Command (formerly updateinfo)
The wacsvidcomb Command
The wacscachectl Command
Automatic Collection Maintenance Tools
The wacsupdstat Command (formerly updatestats)
The wacsblogctl Command
18. Customisation
Creating The XML File
How to set the Usage rules
The Completed XML file
19. Simple Tasks In SQL
What is SQL?
Example Tasks in SQL
Adding A New Type Of Attire
Creating A Video Download Record
20. Using SQL: Advanced Topics
Merging Models
II. WACS Admin Tools Reference
21. Collection Management
Web Based Tools
wacsmodelmgr - Wacs model manager
wacssetmgr - Wacs set manager
wacsinfomgr - Wacs info manager
wacsiconmgr Wacs Icon manager
wacsidmgr - Wacs ID manager
wacsunpackmgr - Wacs unpack manager
wacsplacemgr - Wacs placement manager
wacsaddassoc - Wacs association manager
wacsconnmgr - Wacs connection manager
22. Lookup Data Management
Web Based Tools
wacsvendmgr - Wacs Vendor Manager
wacsphotmgr - Wacs Photographer Manager
wacskeywordmgr - Wacs Keyword Manager
wacsusermgr - Wacs User Account Manager
wacsuserlist - Wacs User Database Account List
wacsdnlmgr - Wacs Download Manager
wacsdnlreg - Wacs Download Registration
wacsdnllist - Wacs Download Status List
wacsdnlframe - Wacs Download Frame
wacsdnlnext - Wacs Download Next Prompter
23. Utilities Reference
Command Line Tools
The wacsblogctl command
The wacsvidcomb command
The wacscachectl command
24. Database Population Tools
Command Line Tools
The wacspop command
vendors.xml - Vendor database initial load
photographers.xml - Photographer database initial load
keywords.xml - Keyword database initial load
attib.xml - Attributes database initial load
users.xml - users database initial load
Updating XML Files For wacspop

List of Tables

4.1. Clothing Related Keywords
4.2. Set Ranks
5.1. Final Example Headshot Icons
5.2. Typical Site Identity Information
6.1. Breast Size: Our Take
15.1. Current and Planned Features in Model Manager
17.1. Command Line Tools
17.2. Attribute Names And Legal Values In addmodel
19.1. SQL Command line interpreters
20.1. Tables That Reference Model Numbers
22.1. Substitution List For Vendor URLs
24.1. New XML Elements For wacspop

List of Examples

2.1. Sample wacs.acl file giving admin rights to local users
2.2. A Sample wacs.acl file for a local office network
13.1. Layout of Cache Files
17.1. Sample Feature Article HTML Document
19.1. Using SQL to set Attire