Wacs Installation Guide

Ninth Edition

for WACS 0.9.2

B "Beaky" King

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

Monday 25th April 2016


WACS is a tool for building Adult Web Sites; it is equally suitable for managing a private collection or building a commercial web site. It has many best of breed features including dynamic filtering, model catalogs, automatic download and powerful search engine. It comes with a powerful API (application programming interface) implemented in both Perl and PHP5 languages to allow web developers to leverage it's facilities from their own programs.

This book describes the actions required to install the WACS System onto a suitable host system (typically a server). The intended audience is system administrators and prospective WACS site managers wishing to install WACS on a machine. The guide will try to cover three types of installation: Packaged installation (using RPMs on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS, DEBs on Ubuntu/Debian), installation onto a WebHost environment and manual installation on other Unix/Linux versions.

The WACS source code and other documentation and support tools can all be found at the WACS website at Sourceforge and at the Wacs page on launchpad.net. A demonstration site built using the WACS tools can be found at PinkMetallic.com - CAUTION: contains adult material. Commercial add-ons and support options can be purchased from Bevtec Communications Ltd, see their website at Bevtec Communications.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to WACS Installation
WACS Overview
About This Book
About The Examples
2. Preparation For Installation
Preparation Tasks
Linux Operating Systems
3. Prerequisites
Web Server
Relational Database
Content Storage
4. Linux: Options
Methods Available
Linux Package Install
Linux easyinstall (Depricated)
Linux Manual Install
5. Installing WACS Using Packages
Package List
RPM Installation Steps
Downloading The RPMs
RPM Installation
Other System Issues
DEB Installation Steps
Downloading The DEBs
DEB Installation
RPM/DEB Initial Setup
Permissions Issues
6. Creating The Initial WACS Databases
Overview: WACS Database Creation
Creating Initial Databases With wacssetup
wacssetup itself
After wacssetup
Manual Database Creation Steps
1. Create the WACS database account (MySQL)
2. Create the necessary database schemas
3. Create default database contents (optional)
4. Import sample model records (optional)
5. Import sample set records (optional)
7. Installation On A Web Hosting Site
WebHost Installation: Steps
Preparation On Web Host
The Wacs Code Itself
Database Setup
Database Schema Creation
Support Scripts
Populate The Initial Database
Initial User Creation for Database Authentication
Final Notes For Web Hosting
Known Issues
Adding Missing Helper Programs
8. Manual Installation
Manual Installation: Steps
The Wacs Code Itself
Database Schema Creation
Support Scripts
Populate The Initial Database
Initial User Creation for Database Authentication
More On SELinux
9. Upgrading An Existing Installation
About Upgrading
The WacsSchema Command
Software & Data Upgrade Tools
The Upgrade Command
Additional Steps
Upgrading The Data
10. Using wacssetup To Upgrade
Wacssetup Does Upgrades Too...
Backing Up The Database
Performing The Upgrade
11. Moving XML Files Between Releases and Installations
Introduction To Moving XML
XML Default Values Files
Porting Older XML Files
12. Troubleshooting
Installation Troubleshooting
Checking Database And Accounts
Checking Structures
Beyond That
wacssetup completes but you can't login
If All Else Fails
General Troubleshooting Tips
Troubleshooting Checklist
Special Notes About SELinux
13. Using Other Databases
Position Overview
Oracle 10 and 11
Oracle Perl Driver
Oracle Php5 Driver
14. Installing With EasyInstall
WARNING: easyinstall is depricated
Easyinstall: Download
Easyinstall: Running

List of Tables

2.1. Software Pre-Requisites For WACS On Linux
5.1. List of Packages
9.1. Aspects of an Upgrade
11.1. XML Defaults files in WACS
11.2. Required XML Entities
13.1. Required Client Side Oracle Packages
13.2. Oracle Environment Variables

List of Examples

8.1. Sample Apache wacs.conf File