Wacs Manpage Collection

Fifth Edition

for WACS 0.9.2

B "Beaky" King

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Monday 9th May 2016

Revision History
Revision Fifth EditionMonday 9th May 2016
  • added new manual pages for wacsvidcom, wacscachectl
Revision Fourth EditionAutumn 2013
  • Added new manpages on wacschk, wacsupdinfo
Revision Third EditionDecember 2012

No significant changes

Revision Second EditionAugust 2011
  • Added new manpages on wacsselin and wacsselout
  • Added mention of configuration variables to rungq page
Revision First EditionMarch 2010
  • All old manpages re-written in DocBook XML


WACS is a Web-based Adult Content Server environment built using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/Php) infrastructure. It provides the database, toolchest and API infrastructure to build a sophisticated indexed archive of adult material for either personal or commercial use. It is a Free Software/Open Source package released under the GNU Public License Version 3 (GPLv3) and supports use of Oracle in addition to MySQL.

This document contains a collection of the command line tools provided with WACS and the various functions they perform.

The WACS source code and other documentation and support tools can all be found at the WACS website at Sourceforge. Releases are also uploaded to the Launchpad site for additional resilience. There is a demonstration web site for WACS at PinkMetallic.com where you can see WACS in action and download the sample sets featured in this document - CAUTION: contains adult material. The main developers can be contacted at wacs@beaky.name - messages sent to this address will be treated as confidential. Any email addresses, names, URLs or other identification information will be removed before any publication of the contents on bug lists, feature requests, mailing lists etc. Commercial add-ons and support options can be purchased from Bevtec Communications Ltd, see their website at Bevtec Communications.

Table of Contents

I. Command Line Tools for WACS Users
rungq — run an image viewer with a local slide show of Wacs image sets — run a movie player with a local list of Wacs video clips
II. Command Line Tools for WACS Collection Administration
wacschk — Perform routine sanity checks on Wacs collection
wacsvidcomb — Combine the elements of a multi-part video into a single playable file
wacscachectl — Controls the content caching mechanism within WACS
wacsupdinfo — Index and update database details about image sets
III. Data Migration Tools
wacsexport — export a WACS model record as an XML file
wacsimport — imports details of a model from a WACS XML export file
wacsxmlout — exports set details as a WACS XML export file
wacsxmlin — imports set details from a WACS XML export file
wacsselout — exports the details of a selection as a WACS XML export file
wacsselin — imports a selection from a WACS XML export file as created by wacsselout