While WACS uses timed leases to ensure that the ability to access the material is not left open indefinitely, it's generally a better idea to terminate the session explicitly so no one who comes to a computer (or gets the same dynamically assigned host address) straight after you gains unintended access to the WACS system. This can be done from the main menu using the logout option; this basically terminates your lease early and will require a re-login with valid credentials to access the site again.

WACS logout


You also do need to attend to the cached images in your web browser software as those will remain visible to the curious (or suspicious) even after you have logged out of WACS. The logout process does not (cannot) remove any of those.

Once you have completed the login process, you will be presented with whatever page you asked for, most likely the WACS Main Menu (also known as the Front Page). Next we'll have a look at it's layout and contents...