Featured Model

The main section of the front page features a randomly selected model and a number of her sets. On the left hand side is a large headshot of the model, and below that a description of her along with what biographical information we have for her. Where available this includes her age, vital statistics, hometown and details of what kind of sets she appears in.

Immediately to the right of this is a masthead containing her name, a link to her index page and details of how many image sets and videos she appears in. If she's been marked as a favourite model (more on that feature later), this will also be indicated here. Below this we have a bar for icons; on the left are any attribute icons she's been marked with (more on this in a moment), her overall rating ranked from 1 to 5 (5 is best), and where known, the flag of the country she comes from.

Model Attribute Icons

We mentioned attribute icons - you will see these many times within the WACS system as they're part of the set markup system. While many of the attributes relate to locations or activities, there are about a dozen or so that related directly to the models themselves. These include such things as whether the model has a shaven pussy, short hair, piercings, tattoos, and the like. Presence of these indications on a model's details do not mean that they feature in all of her sets, but most likely on the majority. These same attributes can be added specifically to each individual set, along with a whole lot more that describe aspects of the set itself.

One aspect we cover pretty thoroughly with the attribute icons is what the model does with her pubic hair because this seems to be quite important to a lot of people. What's more it will often change between photoshoots and sometimes even within a single shoot, especially if a shaving set is included! We basically have four icons which cover just this area and they're shown below; the model is usually marked with her normal style in the model details record, but this can be easily modified in the details for each set.

Table 3.1. Pubic Hair Attribute Icons

IconKeywordWhat It Means
shavenThe model has a shaven pussy
brazilianThe model has a brazilian style shaved pussy; a small tuft of pubic hair above her vagina but clean shaven either side.
trimmedThe model has trimmed pubic hair, but not as extreme as the above two.
hairyThe model's pubic hair is thick and natural.

Obviously pubic hair isn't the only model attribute we are interested in identifying - there are quite a few others, including presence or absence of body art and piercings, so these are duly flagged up too, along with other unusual extremes like short hair or particularly small breasts. Here are some of the key ones:

Table 3.2. Some Other Model Attribute Icons

IconKeywordWhat It Means
tattooThe model has at least one tattoo
tinytitThe model has really small breasts
shorthairThe model has short hair
piercedclitThe model has piercings in her pussy area
piercedtitThe model has piercings in at least one of her nipples

Below the icon bar, we have a sampling of sets from this model, normally eight of the more recently added ones. Note that normally only models with a good rating and at least eight sets within the system will be selected as a featured model. However if no models meet that criteria, the standards will be lowered to ensure at least some models appear here. Once again the border colour around each icon indicates whether it is an image set or a video clip, with yellow signifying a movie clip. Clicking on any one of the icons will show you more details on the set with options to view or download it.

Other Models And Finder

Below the sampling of the featured model's sets, you'll normally also see a number of other model's head shots - these are models who share the same attributes with the featured model; so if the featured model is a blonde with small tits and a shaven pussy, the models featured here will be the same. Note that unlike the featured model, those selected as being similar to her will not necessarily have at least eight sets or a high rating. Clicking on each of these icons will take you to this model's index page. They're missing from our demonstration site because no two models we've yet shot sets with have the same attributes.

Finally right down the bottom, you will see a small search box into which you can type a model's name to find your favourite models quickly by name. If there's more than one model with that name, you'll be offered an index of them to choose from.

In the next chapter, we'll look at what you can do with a set itself, so if you want to follow along you should click on one of the image sets of the current featured model or one in the Latest Updates area - please choose one with a pink border (ie an image set) first...