Other Indices

Photographers Index

There is of course also an index of Photographers, and since we preload about a dozen of the more famous and prolific ones working in the adult field into WACS, the initial index is fairly well populated. And then of course there's Beaky and his friend Mr Video listed as well because there are actually sets by them on the WACS demonstration site...

Photographers Index

If you then click on the photographer's name or code letters, you get taken to a photographer's set index page. This gives you a few basic details of name and location, a collection of statistics about the various sets that they've produced and a list of locations in which those sets were taken. There's a link on each of the locations which will show you an index of the sets taken by that photographer in that location. Finally below these you have a compressed index of the galleries which include work by this photographer.

Photographer Detail Page

The Connections System

Index Of Connections

Slightly outside the other mechanisms in WACS is a way to do Ad-Hoc indexing of sets called connections. They are very similar to saved searches, except that they are far fewer and can only be constructed by the WACS site manager. They are also different in that when a set belongs to one of them, that fact is advertised in the other set and model page references by way of the connections icon. This means that if a set has been made part of a connection, you can quickly and easily follow that theme back to the sets it contains which will mostly share a common theme. Both the slideshow and rungq also support using connections.

Example Of A Connection

Here's one of those two example connections, this is the one called Adventures Of A White Sofa because the same white sofa features at some point in all these sets. This gives you an idea of some of the enterprising sideways views that can be offered through the use of connections. Of course, it's up to your local WACS site manager to dream up the inventive and obscure connections that link sets together in an interesting way!