Continuing The Show...

Many adult sites offering videos choose to split them into multiple parts to make downloading easier, and of course we've supported this in WACS as well. These will show a seperate link to each part of the movie, marked simply Pt1, Pt2, Pt3 and so on. Each part of the movie is actually a set in it's own right to WACS, but it will normally not show the second and subsequent parts on any model page or search results. You'll see the subsequent parts when you get to the set details page itself.

The way we've designed the system it's possible to have a complete HD version of a movie, and then smaller versions broken into multiple files for those people with download issues or internet tarif considerations. So you can have both alternative versions and continuations at the same time and they all work together just fine. It's also possible to have multiple resolutions for image sets as well - huge ones for printing as posters as well as smaller ones for viewing on SmartPhones.

Basically these new interconnection features in WACS offer a whole realm of new possibilities for different versions for even more choice. Enjoy!