Sets: Defined Values

Table 12.1. stype: Type of Set: defined values

IImage Set
VVideo Clip
AAudio File
SDVD Scene

Table 12.2. sstatus: Status of Set: defined values

MManually Added, Details Not Checked
AAutomatically Added, Details Not Checked
NNormal - Checked
GGood - Thoroughly Checked

Table 12.3. sauto: Automatic Update of Set Allowed?: defined values

NNone (no auto updates)
L(on-disk) Location only - all attributes manual
AAppend only - all existing entries stay
FFully auto-generated - all values can change

Table 12.4. srating: Overall Rating For The Set: defined values

4Very Good
0None Specified

Table 12.5. stechqual: Technical Quality Rating For The Set: defined values

5Finest - HD Video done well, Multi-megapixel stills
4Very Good - Well lit SD or good HD Video, good megapixel + stills
3Good - Well done low-res SD, good sub-megapixel stills; not quite so good but higher res
2Reasonable - either very small, or bad equipment (flash on camera) used moderately well
1Mediocre - lack of skill, bad equipment, poor composition
0None Specified

Table 12.6. svariety: Unusualness Rating For The Set: defined values

5Very Unusual - look at the set scenario and think "What the F***!"
4Unusual - unusual and very interesting - "Wow"
3Neat - interesting and impressive but not quite "Wow"
2Cute Twist - a slightly unusual twist, unusual pose etc
1Ordinary - can still score very highly in overall and tech
0None Specified

Table 12.7. sformat: Format of the File(s) In The Set: defined values

GIFGIF image
PNGPNG image
WMVWindows Media Player Video
AVIAVI Video (codec specified separately)
QTQuickTime .mov Video (codec specified separately)
MPEGMPEG Video (MPEG-1 or 2)

Table 12.8. sidlogo: Presence of Burnt-in Logo: defined values

YYes - image/video has burnt-in logo
NNo - image/video is clean of bugs

Table 12.9. sinter: Progressive or Interlaced Video Structure

IVideo has interlaced frame/field structure
PVideo has progressive frames (atomic)

Table 12.10. serrors: Presence of Known Errors: defined values

NNone detected
FFixed - faulty images/video have been fixed - Quality may have been compromised - sizes/signatures no indicative of original
EEncoding Only - causes message but renders OK
CSome Corrupt Images/Segments of video

Table 12.11. scatflag: Generalised type of the set: defined values

FFuck - straight sex
LLesbian - lesbian sex
GGroup - more than two people having sex, mixed-gender
TToy - Solo but uses toys such as dildo, vibrator, etc
SSolo - Model on her own (possibly with a non-participatory audience)
MMasturbation - Solo but includes masturbation activities
NNone - not determined yet
BBackstage - Behind The Scenes set featuring this model
CClothed - non-nude set featuring this model
DDuplicate - duplicate set - maybe from a different site - DEPRICATED

Table 12.12. srank: role and position of set: defined values

srank (defined values)
PPrimary (Main) - a standard freestanding record
CContinuation - a subsequent part of a set split over mulitple sets, most often a movie clip
SSecondary (Alternate) - an alternative version of another set - a different resolution, a split media file, or the same set as distributed by another vendor.

Table 12.13. slocation: generalised description of locations: recommended values

slocation (recommended values)

This is a Recommended Values list only; additional values can be added as appropriate

BalconyBalcony or Terrace; outdoors but not part of Garden
BathroomBathroom, Toilet or Shower Cubicle
BedroomBedroom or other sleeping area
CountryCountry - including Beach, Forest, and Fields
Dining RoomDining Room or Eating Area
GardenGarden or other private outdoor area
HallwayHallway, Staircase or Entrance
KitchenKitchen or Kitchen area of apartment
LaundryLaundry, Cleaning or Utility Area
LoungeLounge, Sitting Room or Other Seating Area
OfficeOffice, including Home PC desk
Other RoomAny other room - (Domestic) Library, Junk Room, Garage, etc
SpecialisedSpecialised Location: Swimming Pool, Shop, Recording or TV Studio, Factory, Railway Station, etc; additional details can be placed in slocdetail.
SportsLocation associated with Sports and Exercise: Gym, Locker Room, etc.
StudioWhite or other plain background Photographic Studio - but NOT Television or Audio recording studios as a feature of the set theme

Table 12.14. sattire: generalised description of model's clothing: recommended values

sattire (recommended values)

This is a Recommended Values list only; additional values can be added as appropriate

BusinessA tidy business suit or other combination appropriate to an office environment.
CasualA pretty general category - jeans, denim skirts, summer dresses
ElegantParticularly stunning dresses or formal evening wear.
FantasyFantasy costumes of all sorts.
GlamourousA glamourous party dress or similar that is quite risque and is likely to spontaneously reveal the woman's assets!
HousewearThe sort of clothing that is worn casually about the house but not normally in public.
HospitalityHousemaids and Waitress Uniforms
Law EnforcementPolice and Security Guard Uniforms
MedicalUniforms appropriate to the Medical Industry
MilitaryUniforms appropriate to the Military Services
NightwearPajamas, Baby Doll dresses, Nightshirts
PartialOnly partially clothed
RetailUniforms appropriate to the Retail and other service industries (but not Maids)
SchoolwearVarious uniforms associated with Schoolgirls including cheerleaders and gym slips
SmartSmart or attractive clothes suitable for going to a party without being elegant or stunning.
SportsSportswear - track suits, sports bras, cycling outfit, etc
SwimwearBikinis and other swimming costumes
UnderwearJust a bra and panties, or similar - BUT does not include a tank top plus panties which with the addition of a skirt or jeans would be presentable outdoor wear.

Table 12.15. suscattr: how to generate the 18 USC 2257 declaration: defined values

VVendor based - use vendor's USC declaration address
EExempt - for pure nude sites without sexual activity of any kind
PPhotographer based - use photographer's address for USC declaration
GGeneric - include generic text with all vendor addresses