Chapter 12. Schema Reference: Sets

Table of Contents

Sets: Schema SQL
Sets: Defined Values

Sets: Schema SQL


WACS 0.8.5 contains a significant number of additions to this schema ahead of the shift to the 0.9.x release series. None of these changes are used or accessed by applications in Wacs 0.8.5, so you can defer updating the Schema until Wacs 0.9.0 comes out if you wish to. There will be a tool to update the schema supplied with Wacs 0.9.0; this appeared in the wacs 0.8.6 release and is called wacsschema. It is integrated into the existing wacssetup tool which can now perform upgrades as well as first time initialisation. The newly added and currently not used fields are those in bold typeface.

create table sets
( setno                 number(9) primary key,
  stype                 char(1) not null,
  sstatus               char(1) not null,
  srank                 char(1),
  sauto                 char(1),
  srating               char(1),
  sflag                 char(1),
  stechqual             number(2),
  svariety              number(2),
  svisits               number(2),
  sformat               varchar2(10),
  scodec                varchar2(40),
  stitle                varchar2(240),
  sofftitle             varchar2(240),
  sofficon              varchar2(160),
  saddicon              varchar2(160),
  sname                 varchar2(80),
  shair                 varchar2(80),
  smodelno              varchar2(40),
  slocation             varchar2(20),
  slocdetail            varchar2(40),
  sattire               varchar2(20),
  sfocus                char(1),
  sphotog               varchar2(6) references photographer,
  ssource               varchar2(80),
  sfoundry              varchar2(80),
  sproddate             date,
  sreldate              date,
  suscattr              char(1),
  snotes                varchar2(240),
  sdesc                 varchar2(2048),
  sindexes              number(6),
  simages               number(6),
  sdurhrs               number(2),
  sdurmin               number(2),
  sdursec               number(2),
  slandx                number(6),
  slandy                number(6),
  sportx                number(6),
  sporty                number(6),
  saspect               varchar2(10),
  sfps                  number(6),
  sinter                char(1),
  sskipfr               number(9), 
  sbytes                number(12),
  sdvdno                number(6),
  sdvddisc              number(2),
  sdvdtitle             number(3),
  sdvdstartch           number(3),
  sdvdendch             number(3),
  sidlogo               char(1),
  serrors               char(1),
  sduplicates           number(9) references sets,
  saltmedia             number(9) references sets,
  snext                 number(9) references sets,
  sprev                 number(9) references sets,
  ssetpos               number(2),
  scatinfo              varchar2(160),
  scatflag              char(1),
  snamestem             varchar2(80),
  sdownload             varchar2(160),
  sarea                 varchar2(160),
  scategory             varchar2(160),
  sdirectory            varchar2(240),
  scomments             varchar2(240),
  sadded                date,
  samended              date

sattire is a new field introduced into the schema in release 0.8.1; it came into use in WACS 0.8.2. It is currently scored using the other attribute of the keyword system, this will change to using kiwear in WACS 0.9.0.


The new fields introduced in WACS 0.8.5 are srank, sfocus, saltmedia, snext, sprev and ssetpos. Additionally referential integrity is now enforce for sduplicates which shouldn't cause a particular problem if it's been used correctly.