Chapter 14. Schema Reference: Idmap

Table of Contents

Idmap: Schema SQL
Idmap: Defined Values

Idmap: Schema SQL


A possible future direction is for this table to be relationally linked to the vendors table such that idmap.isite = vendor.vsite

create table idmap
( identryno                     number(7) primary key,
  imodelno                      number(6) references models,
  istatus                       char(1),
  isite                         varchar2(20) not null,
  ikey                          varchar2(30),
  ialtkey                       varchar2(30),
  iname                         varchar2(30),
  inotes                        varchar2(80), 
  iactive                       char(1),
  ichanged                      date,
  ichecked                      date,
  iadded                        date,
  iamended                      date