Chapter 15. Schema Reference: Models

Table of Contents

Models: Schema SQL
Models: Defined Values

Models: Schema SQL


WACS 0.8.5 contains a significant number of additions to this schema ahead of the shift to the 0.9.x release series. None of these changes are used or accessed by applications in Wacs 0.8.5, so you can defer updating the Schema until Wacs 0.9.0 comes out if you wish to. There will be a tool to update the schema supplied with Wacs 0.9.0. The newly added and currently not used fields are those in bold typeface.


Please notice that the use of metric in the vital statistics is not intended to be a dig at the imperial measurements, merely that it reliably and consistantly conveys the necessary information as sensible, manageable integers. Utility functions are planned to make it easier to convert and update in a future release of WACS. You try writing an SQL query to find models between 5ft 3ins and 5ft 6ins in height, as compared to between 160 and 168 cms in height. See what I mean?

create table models 
( modelno           number(6) primary key,
  mname             varchar2(40),
  mhair             varchar2(15),
  mlength           varchar2(20),
  mtitsize          varchar2(10),
  mcupsize          char(1),
  meyes             varchar2(15),
  mrace             varchar2(15),
  mattributes       varchar2(60),
  maliases          varchar2(60),
  mdisting          varchar2(80),
  musual            varchar2(60),
  mimage            varchar2(80),
  mbigimage         varchar2(80),
  mbodyimage        varchar2(80),
  maltimage         varchar2(80),
  mstatus           char(1),
  mrating           char(1),
  mpussy            char(1),
  mlabia            varchar2(80),
  mflag             char(1),
  mvideos           char(1),
  msolo             char(1),
  mstraight         char(1),
  mlesbian          char(1),
  mfetish           char(1),
  mmast             char(1),
  mtoys             char(1),
  mother            char(1),
  mnsets            number(4),
  mnimages          number(7),
  mnvideos          number(4),
  mcountry          varchar2(30),
  mhometown         varchar2(80),
  mage              number(3),
  mageyear          number(4),
  mcstatus          char(1),
  mvitbust          number(4),
  mvitwaist         number(4),
  mvithips          number(4),
  mbuild            char(1),
  mheight           number(3),
  mweight           number(3),
  mdress            number(2),
  mstarsign         number(2),
  moccupation       varchar2(30),
  mcontact          varchar2(80),
  mbirthdate        date,
  monfile           char(1),
  magency           varchar2(80),
  mnotes            varchar2(240),
  mbio              varchar2(240),
  madded            date,
  mamended          date