Chapter 21. Schema Reference: Keyword

Table of Contents

Keyword: Schema SQL
Keyword: Defined Values

Keyword: Schema SQL

create table keyword
( kentryno              number(9) primary key,
  kflag                 char(1),
  kword                 varchar(30) not null,
  kexclusions           varchar(120),
  kiloc                 varchar(20),
  kiscore               number(1),
  kicat                 char(1),
  kicscore              number(1),
  kidet                 varchar(40),
  kidscore              number(1),
  kiattr                varchar(30),
  kiascore              number(1),
  kiwear                varchar(40),
  kiwscore              number(1),
  kiother               varchar(40),
  kioscore              number(1),
  knotes                varchar(80),
  kadded                date,
  kamended              date

From WACS 0.8.2, the kiother and kioscore fields are used to determine values for the sattire field in the sets schema. New fields kiwear and kiwscore were introduced in WACS 0.8.5 and will be used for values for the sattire fields from WACS 0.9.x freeing kiother and kioscore for their original purpose of being spare for future functionality.