Chapter 23. Schema Reference: Attrib

Table of Contents

Attrib: Schema SQL
Attrib: Defined Values

Attrib: Schema SQL


The attrib schema was introduced in WACS 0.8.5 but is not used at all by that release. It will be used in a future release.

create table attrib
( atrecno             number(9) primary key,
  atkeyword           varchar2(30),
  atsource            char(1),
  atrecognise         char(1),
  atallowadd          char(1),
  atdisplay           char(1),
  atshortdesc         varchar2(50),
  atlongdesc          varchar2(240),
  aticon              varchar2(160),
  atgroup             varchar2(30),
  atimplicit	      char(1),
  atvalidset          char(1),
  atvalidmodel        char(1),
  atvalidother        char(1),
  atmarkset           char(1),
  atmarkmodel	      char(1),
  atmarkother         char(1),
  atsetsearch         char(1),
  atmodsearch         char(1),
  atcombsearch        char(1),
  atothsearch         char(1),
  atsetdetail         char(1),
  atmoddetail         char(1),
  atcombdetail        char(1),
  atothdetail         char(1),
  atnotes             varchar2(240),
  atadded             date,
  atamended           date