Chapter 11. WACS API: Identification Module

Table of Contents

Identification Module: Summary
Identification Module: Reference

Identification Module: Summary


In Wacs 0.9.2 the exisitng WacsId module was split into two - this part WacsID contains the good routines that are expected to remain as part of the Wacs API in the long term. Those routines that were more questionable and likely to be re-written have been moved to WacsDnl. You need to include both to replicate the pre-0.9.2 functionality

Table 11.1. Function Summary: Identification Module

reset_attrreset the global attribute table
id_get_flagget previously determined flag
id_set_attrstore specified attribute for reuse later
id_get_infoget previously determined catinfo (ssetflag)
id_get_photogget previously determined photographer
id_get_dnldnoget download record number
id_get_modelnoget the model number
id_get_modelnameget the model's name
id_get_vendorget the vendor reference
id_get_dbhandleget the current DB handle
id_get_keyget the current models id at the current vendor
id_get_setkeyget the set key at the current vendor
id_get_setnameget the name of the most recent set
id_get_statusget the status of the most recent set
id_get_notesget the current value of the notes field
id_get_setnoget the current value of the setno field
id_get_srankget the current value of the srank field (New in 0.9.0)
id_get_sprevget the current value of the sprev field (New in 0.9.0)
id_get_sduplicatesget the current value of the sduplicates field (New in 0.9.0)
id_get_saltmediaget the current value of the saltmedia field (New in 0.9.0)
id_get_sdownloadget the current value of the sdownload field (New in 0.9.0)
id_get_attrget the specified attribute for the specified object (New in 0.9.2)
media_scanscan the specified media file for sizes, codecs, etc (New in 0.9.2)
media_get_attrretrieve the requested parameter for the specified media file (New in 0.9.2)
media_thumbsgenerate appropriate thumbnails for use with video sets (New in 0.9.2)
media_settingsprovides the current settings for thumbnailing, dimension descriptions, etc (New in 0.9.2)
dnld_markdonemark the download record as successfully done
dnld_checkaddchecks or adds a new download record
dnld_updateupdate the download record with new information
vend_dnldreturn the download location for the specified vendor
vid_getsizeget the size of the specified video file
find_namestemlook for when known image naming conventions
id_gen_proto2structprocess a prototype link url and work out what tokens it contains.
id_gen_tokenmatchstringlooks for the specified token
id_gen_trymatchiterates through trying to find matches for the tokens given
id_vid_trymatchspecial version of id_gen_trymatch which looks only for videos
id_gen_findobjfind what the target object is actually called
id_gen_getvarvalgeneralised matching routine used in id_gen_findobj
chk_vid_typecheck if type extension is a known video file type
chkid_existingsee if we already have this idmap for this model/site combination