Chapter 12. WACS API: Downloading Module

Table of Contents

Downloading Module: Summary

Downloading Module: Summary


In Wacs 0.9.2 the exisitng WacsId module was split into two - this part WacsDnl contains the bad routines that are expected to be re-written and not to remain part of the Wacs API in the long term. Those routines that were more stable and likely to remain have been moved to WacsId. You need to include both modules to replicate the pre-0.9.2 functionality

Table 12.1. Function Summary: Downloading Module

ident_imgIdentify characteristics of an image set from download info
ident_vidIdentify characteristics of a video clip from download info
dnld_imgretrieve a download record based upon the namestem
id_mpageprocess a modelpage looking for links to suitable sets