Chapter 17. Schema Reference: Download

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Download: Schema SQL
Download: Defined Values

Download: Schema SQL

create table download
( downloadno                            number(7) primary key,
  dmodelno                              number(6) references models,
  dsetno                                number(9) references sets,
  dstatus                               char(1),
  dtype                                 char(1),
  dsite                                 varchar2(20) not null,
  dkey                                  varchar2(30),
  dsetkey                               varchar2(40),
  dsetname                              varchar2(240),
  dsetflag                              char(1),
  dnotes                                varchar2(240),
  durl                                  varchar2(240),
  darchive                              varchar2(240),
  dsignature                            varchar2(82),
  dsize                                 number(12),
  dproddate				date,
  dreldate				date,
  dphotog				varchar2(6) references photographer,
  dbranding				varchar2(20),
  dpulled                               date,
  dadded                                date,
  damended                              date

The dsize field was expanded from 9 digits to 12 digits in Wacs 0.9.2 to allow for video files larger than 1GB to be correctly described.