Indices to Sets

As we've already seen, there are a number of tools in WACS that sample a selection of sets from galleries in order to present a more accessible way of browsing the collection. However there are times when it makes more sense to see the entire collection, much abreviated, at a single glance. WACS provides tools for this too.

Condensed Image Index

Condensed Index Of Image Sets

Here we have the index of all the galleries that exist, in the short form condensed layout. We've taken this one from our demonstration laptop WACS server because it holds a reasonable number. If you click on any one of these gallery links, you get the same thumbnail index as you would if using the high-level index with random sampling. This is of course much quicker to use if you know where you're going.

Condensed Video Index

Condensed Index Of Video Clips

And finally it's back to our official demo site for a very empty example of the video condensed index! The principle is exactly the same as for the image set and it shows you what categories there are and how many galleries each one features.