Chapter 16. Wacs-PHP: The Simple Skin

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What's this about
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Main Menu
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Latest Additions
Wacs-PHP Skin: Set Related Pages
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Image Section Summary
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Movies Section Summary
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Galleries List
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Gallery
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Photos Page
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Videos Page
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Model Related Pages
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Model Directory
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Girlie- The Model Page
Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Search Page
Future Directions
Wacs-PHP and Web 2.0

What's this about

So far in this user guide, we've been looking at the many facilities and features provided by the main WACS applications, but the WACS system goes much further than that. As well as being a complete environment for the maintenance of an adult media collection, it also provides a significant set of toolkits and utilities for web designers and web site managers to use to build their own offerings. As a demonstration of these facilities we have included a small demonstration web site written in the PHP language to give people an idea of what can be done. This is known as The Simple Skin and is provided as part of the Wacs-PHP environment. Additionally we have recently added a new sample program that uses Web 2.0 technologies.

This package (Wacs-PHP) may well have been installed along with WACS and this chapter will showcase a few of it's features. It's actually quite a sweet little website in and of itself and is probably a lot simpler for casual users than the main Wacs system which can be quite complex, as I'm sure you've observed working through this guide. Of course it's main purpose is as a worked example for web developers to better understand what the WACS system can do for them, so the one you're seeing may have been restyled or significantly altered from what is described here. If you want to see an example of a restyled version of the Simple Skin, you can visit the normal Members Area on our demonstration web site

Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Main Menu

Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Main Menu

The starting point for exploring the Wacs-PHP simple skin sample web site is the Main Menu shown here. The title and navigation bars are common thoughout the sample site, and with the Wacs 0.8.5 release all of them are now functional. Working from the left to the right, we have the latest additions summary, then the galleries indices for both image sets and videos, the model directory and finally the search system.

Moving down the page is divided into two halves; the left hand side features an introduction to the site (which on the distributed version is laughably generic), followed by links to the major galleries within the site. The right hand side features just the very latest sets, videos and models to be added.

Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Latest Additions

Wacs-PHP Simple Skin: Latest Additions

This is the latest additions page which simply a collection of the most recently added sets, videos and models. The actual number of sets it shows varies but it basically works back from the latest additions until it's found what it considers enough sets and then includes all of those added within a few days of the day it had reached when it considered it had enough. This is normally around 20 sets if there are that many on the system. The reason for this slightly odd method is that if the addition of sets is somewhat sporadic, it should still show a reasonable selection regardless. It also goes back that little bit extra to try and ensure that a sequence of sets released together will stay together.

On the latest additions page we've used the bigger icons so that details of what is in the set is more apparent than from the smallest thumb nails. As ever, clicking on the set's icon will take you to the detailed summary page for the set itself. However, more of that later.