Chapter 17. Further Reading

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Other Documents

Other Documents

There are a number of other documents available to tell you more about WACS including how to install it, how to manage sets with it, how to configure it, and how to develop your own web pages using it's resources. We have just finished re-writing all of the older guides in the same style as this user guide, now they are completed are all available in PDF, single page HTML and multiple page HTML formats.

Table 17.1. WACS Documentation

User GuideNowIntroduction to using WACS
InstallationNowHow to install WACS
ConfigurationNowIntroduction to the WACS configuration files and reference to configuration file options
ProgrammingNowTutorial Introduction to Programming With WACS, API reference manual and Database Schema Reference
AdministrationNowIntroduction to collection administration with WACS
Man PagesNew for 0.8.5!The manpages about the WACS command line utilities

As we enhance and expand these manuals, they will become available on the WACS web site. All WACS documentation is available in the WACS distribution and via our sourceforge site at and in the wacs-devel section of the Subversion (SVN) repository.