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Wacs Release 0.9.2 (June 2016)
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Our updated 93-page illustrated User Guide book which provides an excellent introduction to using WACS is available in the following forms:
Documentation Index
User Guide
Installation Guide
  • Installation Guide - Ninth edition - an 82 page book describing installation and troubleshooting techniques for WACS, now including seperate chapters on manual installation on servers and on web hosting providers. Also includes changes bringing the manual installation proceedure more in line with what the package installation does.
Administration Guide
  • Administration Guide - Seventh Edition - now a 140 page book, extensively illustrated, describing how to administer a Wacs collection. Now includes a new chapter on using WACS in hosting applications and how to manage the new content cache system, also discusses the new command line tools for cache creation and blog manipulation.
Configuration Guide
  • Configuration Guide - Eighth Edition - a 81 page book describing all the XML-based WACS configuration files and how to use them, with updates covering streaming, video thumbnailing and other new additions in WACS 0.9.2 and a whole chapter on the new apps section of the configuration file.
Programming Guide
  • Programming Guide - Now in it's tenth edition, a 180 page book with many illustrations containing both tutorial and reference sections, now including now including an introduction to the new media handling API calls and other new features added to enhance content caching.
Manual Pages Collection
  • Manual Pages Collection - Fifth Edition - Now running to 18 pages book that gathers together the manual pages for the various command line utility programs available for WACS. Includes the new wacsvidcomb and wacscachectl commands and updates about version 2 files.
Documentation News
Documentation for WACS 0.9.2 Now Available: WACS 0.9.2 has been released on June 13th, 2016 complete with the updated documentation for this significant new release which has been more than three years in development.
Documentation for WACS 0.9.1 Now Available: With the release of Wacs 0.9.1 only hopefully a few days away, we've updated all the documentation ready for the new release.
Schema Changes for WACS 0.9.x: There were quite big changes made to the database schema in Wacs 0.9.x with many new fields added to the database. Read about what changed from the earlier releases here - in PDF or HTML
DEMO SITE STILL LIVE!: While it's not really a documentation issue, the launch of our WACS demonstration site, pinkmetallic.com finally allows people to get a feel for how WACS works without having to go through the whole process of installing the software. This really should make learning to use WACS a whole lot easier.
Documentation Links
Index of all available WACS Documentation
Information on the Wacs 0.9.x Schema Changes in PDF format or HTML format
Full DocBook XML Source Code for Documentation
Documentation Overview
We believe that to encourage adoption of Wacs and to ensure a good reputation for reliability and quality, we need people to understand how to get the best out of it. To this end, we've put a lot of effort into creating really world class documentation for it. We hope the various guides and manuals we've prepared will help you to understand it and use it effectively.

Come take a look - and remember, we value your feedback.

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