Chapter 10. WACS API: Standard Components Module

Table of Contents

Standard Components Module: Summary
Standard Components Module: Reference

Standard Components Module: Summary

Table 10.1. Function Summary: Standard Components Module

mastheadcreates a top-of-the-page summary for any page handling set
modelheadsadds the icons with links for model(s) specified
findmodelcreates a table and choice box for models with a given name
findrecentsetscreates rows in a table managed form with pull-down menus containing details of recently added sets
findrecentmodelscreates rows in a table managed form with pull-down menus containing details of recently added models and a search box to be fed to findmodel
modelheadshotcreates a model headshot icon and basic info table contents
getgallerywork out the next available gallery slot when in gallery layout mode
callframecreate a suitable URL for page based navigation of the specified set
kwscore_resetresets the keyword scoring system back to defaults
kwscore_processprocess the provided string looking for keywords
kwscore_getget the specified result from the processing of the strings provided previously
getcontinfoget various pieces of information from the named set relevant for a continuation set
linkfrompreviousupdates a previous set in a continuation with details of set just added
linkrelatedupdates a related set with details of the set just added - works for duplicates and alternative media
removedupsremove duplicates from an attribute string
removeconflictsremove items that contradict the set attributes from the model attributes
addassocAdd a new model/set association record
related_set_infoCreate a popup menu of possible related sets
wacsblogtodbwrite a new blog entry into the specified database table
alloc_nextkeyWork out the next primary key value for the specified database table