Part II. WACS API Programming Reference

This is the API (Application Programming Interface) reference manual for the WACS environment. It documents the main API calls in both Perl and PHP dialects. There are now six operational modules available as part of the WACS system, plus a utility module used by the installers.

Table 2. The Key WACS Modules

WACS Module List
namepart ofdescription
Wacs.pmCorethe main Wacs module
WacsUI.pmCorethe Wacs User Interface module
WacsStd.pmCorethe Wacs Standardised Components module
WacsID.pmCorethe Wacs Identification module
wacs.phpwacs-phpthe main Wacs module, Php dialect
wacsui.phpwacs-phpthe Wacs user interface module, Php dialect


From Wacs 0.8.6 the perl WacsUI, WacsStd and WacsId modules have been relocated into a Wacs subdirectory for greater clarity and so now need to be used with Wacs:: prefixes.