Chapter 11. WACS API: Identification Module

Table of Contents

Identification Module: Summary

Identification Module: Summary


The existing identification module has many flaws and it is intended to massively overhaul it in the near future. We would not recommand utilising functions from this module at the present time. If you need a particular routine listed here, please contact us and we'll consider moving it to one of the more stable modules if appropriate

Table 11.1. Function Summary: Identification Module

ident_imgIdentify characteristics of an image set from download info
ident_vidIdentify characteristics of a video clip from download info
reset_attrreset the global attribute table
id_get_flagget previously determined flag (run ident_* first)
id_get_infoget previously determined catinfo (run ident_* first)
id_get_photogget previously determined photographer (run ident_* first)
id_get_dnldnoget download record number
id_get_modelnoget the model number
id_get_modelnameget the model's name
id_get_vendorget the vendor reference
id_get_dbhandleget the current DB handle
id_get_keyget the current models id at the current vendor
id_get_setkeyget the set key at the current vendor
id_get_setnameget the name of the most recent set
id_get_statusget the status of the most recent set
id_get_notesget the current value of the notes field
id_get_setnoget the current value of the setno field
id_get_srankget the current value of the srank field (New in 0.9.0)
id_mpageprocess a modelpage looking for links to suitable sets
chk_vid_typecheck to see if this url is a video file type
chkid_existingcheck to see if we already have a model with this idmap